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Diving on Saba

One of many beautiful sea creatures. Next to lobsters there’s numerous sharks, squids, turtles and other animals you will see while diving in Saban waters.


One of many services offered by Scout’s Place is the booking and reservation of snorkeling & diving trips on Saba. Barbara & Wolfgang operated and owned an award-winning dive center on the island for more than 15 years and are more than qualified to advise you on the best dive spots and dive operator to choose from.

We are working with all Saba Dive operators and can handle all your diving needs. Just ask us and we will advise you. We are committed to your satisfaction and will organize it to be one of the best trips you’ve ever made!



Saba is one of the top destinations in the world to go Scuba diving due to its sheer underwater cliffs, pinnacles and the multitude of diving locations surrounding the island, each offering a unique experience. The people in the local dive shops are very friendly and great at teaching inexperienced people to dive. If you’ve never dived before they can provide an introductory course (Discover Scuba Diving) that will get you diving in the ocean with an instructor that same day, or they can take you all the way to getting your Open Water Certification and beyond, enabling you to dive all over the world without an instructor present. In Saban waters however, there must be a local guide present at all times due to the protected status of the reefs.


The Saba National Marine Park encompasses the waters and sea bed encircling the Caribbean island of Saba, Kingdom of the Netherlands, from the high water mark to 200 feet (60 meters) deep. In total, the marine park covers approximately 5 square miles (13 km2). At the time of its creation in 1987, the government passed the Marine Environment Ordinance to protect the coral reefs and other marine life within the park. The Saba Conservation Foundation manages the Saba National Marine Park, as well as the island’s hyperbaric facility and natural sites on land.


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